Pedigree for
litter I


SBCH (protection) KORAD+2 Jerv des Loups Mutins (Swedish championship in protection 1999 & 2000, passed the Swedish police dog test, KORAD with 240 points & MH-tested.) F.Ring III Dundee du Pont des Bergrs FBCH F.Ring III Satan II de la Noaillerie Xellavan
Otenie de la Noaillerie
Vanda Cuik du Clos Saint Michel
Eagles des Loups Mutins Ivan des Deux Pottois G'Vitou des Deux Pottois
Fria des Deux Pottois
Chips des Loups Mutins FBCH F.Ring III Rep de la Fontaine du Buis
Apple des Loups Mutins
Tjh. (security dog) KORAD+2 Skh II Sph II LP II Dog Security Piraya Cleo
(Passed the Swedish police dog test, KORAD with 229 points & MH-tested. Competes in higher level protection, higher level tracking & obedience class III.)
SchH III körung III Oscar von Löwenfels (the highest körung result in Germany (Körung 554/5/5555)) F.Ring III Haddock des Deux Pottois G'Vitou des Deux Pottois
Fury des Deux Pottois
Erika des Deux Pottois FBCH F.Ring III Vizir du Chriskarol
Pilar von Löwenfels (German import) SchH III IPO III F.Ring II körung III Kolos des Deux Pottois (Körung 554/5/4545) B.Ring I G'Bibber
Hemma des Deux Pottois
Jupy des Deux Pottois G'Vitou des Deux Pottois
Gina des Deux Pottois

Note. In Begian Ring is level I the highest, in French Ring is level III the highest, in Mondioring is level III the highest, in IPO is level III the highest and in SchH is level III the highest. FBCH=French working champion. Some of the dogs in the pedigree might have higher achivements, or some achivements that I haven't got on paper. That is probably the reason for that I haven't wrote them down in this pedigree. Please don't forget that it is not the achivements that makes a good breedingdog! Some very good dogs have owners that aren't interested in competing!

SBCH = Swedish working champion
KORAD = passed the Swedish charactor test for workingdogs
Tjh. = law enforcement dog
Father of our I-litter!

Photo: Sara Olofsson, Sweden

Swedish work. champ.
Passed the Swedish policedog-test and korad with 240 points.
Participated at the Swedish championship for protection dogs in 1999 & 2000. He is today father of 4 litters that is x-rayed, all (100%) have excellent hips and elbows!
Jerv is brother to Jo des Loups Mutins (2:nd place at the IPO World Championship in 1998).

Mother of our I-litter.

KORAD Tjh.(security dog) Skh II Sph II LP II

Passed the Swedish police dog test and KORAD with 229 points!
She works as a securitydog and she also competes in higher level protection, higher level tracking & obedience class III. Cleo is a female with extreme high drives.

Dogs name HD AD Results Other
Skh 1, Sph 1, Lydnkl 2 Blackneck´s Ivan "Malle" A ok Lower level protection, lower level tracking, obedience class 2. MH-tested.
POLICE DOG, Lydnkl 3 Blackneck´s Ithos A ok Police dog in Norway, obedience class 3. Passed the Norwegian police dog test! Export, Norway.
Sph 2, Skh 1 Blackneck´s Igor "Ib" B ok Higher level tracking, lower level protection. MH-tested.
Blackneck´s Ika B ok    
Sph 1 Blackneck´s Ixa A ok Lower level tracking. MH-tested.
Blackneck´s Indra A ok   MH-tested.
Blackneck´s Inka "Ika" A ok   Export, USA.

© Jonas Björkdahl,
Blackneck's kennel